Post Quantum Cryptography

The rise in the usage and upgrading of digital technologies has also created the need to up-the-game of cryptosystems. While PKI has so far been the most used, it is no longer seen as scalable or a reliable option that provides a risk-free implementation. Hodos is a post-quantum cryptographic algorithm developed using NIST recommendations.

A lattice-based algorithm used for Hodos makes it supreme to PKI systems and promises security till the last step. It comes with an easy upgrade making your system quantum-resistant in a few hours. Equipped to connect multiple devices with no new installations, and the agility to come as a layer on the existing crypto infrastructure; makes Hodos a cost-efficient solution.

Level up with the hybrid use of all the products Armos, Tropos, Qosmos with Hodos for an all-round security. Make the switch seamless and get your data both quantum-resistant and quantum-safe.

Why Hodos ?

Easy integration & scalability

Quantum-resistant keys

Works across networks and locations

No extra hardware device required